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We perform home inspections and consultations across metro Atlanta to help homeowners and buyers know what issues they might have.

Look below to see all the residential inspection services we offer.

We often consult with homeowners who have specific questions about problems in their homes.  Sometimes, homeowners have lived in the same home for years and just need help with a specific issue.  Or newer homeowners just have a concern. Our inspectors have the knowledge and experience to solve these problems and offer numerous specialty inspections and consultations. Choosing a home and sometimes maintaining it can be difficult. Choosing a home inspector shouldn’t have to be. There’s a reason we are Atlanta’s oldest home inspection company. Make your selection below and book your inspection with us today. Find out why we’ve been in business for more than 45 years.

Marketing/Pre-Listing Consultation

Listing your home soon? Contact us to schedule your pre-listing consultation today. We offer a pre-listing (or Marketing) consultation before you put your home on the market. As your representative, we can help you prepare your home for the completive real estate market. We can give you as much or as little advice you want to help prepare you, and your home to go on the market.

11 Month Builder Warranty Inspection

Before the end of your first year, you can employ us for a builder warranty inspection, so that you can have the builder come and complete repairs to items that have occurred or been discovered over that time period. You may also have some issues and you just don’t know why. We can investigate the problem and give you suggestions for repair. Our report makes it easy to address specific items with your builder. It’s important not to miss this deadline so you can take advantage of your builder’s 1-year warranty.

Stucco/EIFS Inspection

Have you noticed problems (staining, buckling, cracking, delamination, rotted door/window frames, interior water intrusion, etc.) on your stucco or EIFS-clad home? We are Stucco Certified Inspectors, We will evaluate these visible symptoms to determine the root cause of the issues AND help you identify the best course of action to address the cause and symptoms.
Other stucco inspectors try to deal with stucco as a simple, stand-alone issue, when in fact it is comprised of many components, that are in a very complicated partnership with other exterior components and concealed framing members. The problems with EIFS/stucco-clad houses begin when water finds its way into a wall, floor, or ceiling cavity behind the stucco and cannot escape. It may be an improperly installed flashing at the windows, doors, or roof, or a grading deficiency but regardless of why it happened, it frequently results in a real PROBLEM. Long-term water intrusion often leads to rot-damaged sheathing and framing behind the stucco. Examples of visible damage (buckling/cracking) and the previously concealed framing damage (rot/mold) are in photo to the left.

Deck Inspection

Don’t let this happen to you.

The evaluation/inspection of residential decks requires special knowledge, expertise, and experience because of the possibility of the gradual deterioration of structural materials from water, climate factors, and corrosion of structural fasteners and connectors. In addition to structural materials, numerous deck elements such as guardrails, handrails, lighting, stairs, and landings may not meet current safety standards as the building codes are updated on a recurring basis, typically every three years. The inspection of your deck can be completed on a consultation basis. The inspection will thoroughly examine your deck for occupant safety to ensure the deck is safe for continued use.

Matt is a certified Master Deck Professional through NADRA (North American Deck and Railing Association), an organization that is committed to deck safety through education and proper construction. Each year, NADRA raises awareness about the importance of checking your deck through a national deck safety campaign.  NADRA’s Deck Safety Campaign creates an opportunity to: Educate. Inspect. Correct; ultimately, helping to prevent injuries and bringing awareness to the importance of regular deck inspections.

We can advise you on the existing condition of your deck and what you need to do to make it safe. We are also available to help you during your ongoing deck project to ensure the deck is being built to current state building code minimum requirements and safety standards.

Roof Inspection

As a roof ages, the quality of the materials, as well as the quality of the installation will affect its service life. The roof is a component of the home that homeowners really don’t think about until they have a problem. This can be more frustrating when you have all of the evidence of a roof leak (staining, rot, mold, etc.), but can’t seem to locate the source. We can use those symptoms, along with advanced tools like non-invasive moisture meters and infrared thermography equipment to explore and identify roof leaks.

renovation/insurance repair inspection

Need repairs/other work? Schedule a consultation with Scott Home Services to make sure the work gets done the right way, the first time.

Already had the repairs completed? That’s ok. We can inspect the work and make sure it was completed appropriately and to current state code minimum requirements, ensuring the safety of you and your family.

Second Opinion

Are you tired of trying to sort through multiple contractor quotes and estimates? Schedule a consultation with Scott Home Services and let us help you first, ensure the contractors have the appropriate licensing. Second, if they are planning (and able) to obtain proper permitting for the work to be completed, as required by GA State law. Third, make sure the work outlined in the estimate is necessary. Fourth, to make sure the work gets done the right way, the first time by extending our no-cost phone and email consultation services to your contractors. This will allow them the ability to ask questions and verify that the work they plan to do at your home is going to be safe and within code minimum standards. Finally, we can come back and inspect the work during the project and/or after the contractor has finished.

Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas that is colorless and odorless and has been connected to lung cancer. Radon is naturally in the atmosphere in trace amounts. Outdoors, radon disperses rapidly and, generally, is not a health issue. Most radon exposure occurs inside buildings where radon gas becomes trapped indoors after it enters through cracks and/or other openings in the foundation.

Indoor radon can be reduced and controlled with proven, cost-effective mitigation techniques, but only if you know there is a problem. Contact us today to schedule testing by an NRPP Certified Radon Professional with Scott Home Services. 

For more information about the health risk of radon, visit Health Risk of Radon.

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